Шрифт Moscow Sans Regular

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Moscow Sans Regular шрифт


  • Copyright: Copyright (c) 2014 by Henrik Kubel, A2/SW/HK + A2-TYPE. All rights reserved.
  • Семейство: Moscow Sans Regular
  • Подсемейство: Regular
  • Идентификатор: 1.008;A2HK;MoscowSansRegular
  • Полное название шрифта: Moscow Sans Regular
  • Версия: Version 1.008;PS Version 1.006;PS 1.5;hotconv 1.;hotconv 1.0.79;makeotf.lib2.5.61930
  • PostScript название: MoscowSansRegular
  • Торговая марка: Moscow Sans © Henrik Kubel, A2/SW/HK + A2-TYPE
  • Изготовитель: Moscow-Sans-Regular
  • Дизайнер: Henrik Kubel
  • Описание: Moscow Sans typeface has been art directed and designed by A2-TYPE, Scott Williams & Henrik Kubel with Margaret Calvert as type and pictogram consultant. The typeface was commissioned by City ID and DOT in Moscow. The Cyrillic script was designed in collaboration with Ilya Ruderman.
  • URL поставщика: http://www.a2-type.co.uk
  • URL дизайнера: http://www.a2-type.co.uk
  • Описание лицензии: Copyright (c) 2014 by Henrik Kubel, A2/SW/HK + A2-TYPE. All rights reserved. Designed for exclusive use of the Department of Transport, DOT in Moscow as part of City ID Moscow Metro wayfinding system. This typeface is NOT for commercial distribution or sale in any way or form.
  • URL лицензии: Custom font. Special license apply.
  • Размер: 173 Кб

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