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шрифт Delicy

Introducing Delicy, a font comes with an attractive package that combines three different font styles; script, sans and ornaments. With Delicy, you will more easily integrate typography in a variety of graphic design work.

You will get:

  1. Delicy Script: a monoline font made as natural as possible similar to handwriting or signature. OpenType features making it easier to mix and match various styles of writing. With stylistic alternates feature, you can get the look of modern calligraphy in monoline style. With Swash feature and Stylistic Sets, you can find many variations of the basic letters. While you can easily add ornaments in the beginning and end of the letter with ease, simply by typing the double hyphen (–) before or after the letter.
  2. Delicy Sans: this is handmade sans font. The shapes may not be smooth and neat but instead we want to offer a more natural sensation. Besides the basic letter, Delicy Sans also offers interesting ligatures, as well as the catchword of some of the conjunctions are frequently used
  3. Delicy Swash: This is an extra font that provides attractive icons; animals, flowers, ornaments, ribbons etc. The icons are laid out on a-z and A-Z. You can combine them with Delicy Script and Delicy Sans.

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