Шрифт Freespirit

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шрифт Freespirit

Turn up the Punchy Fun Factor with ‘Freespirit Brush Font’. With a highly detailed dry brush texture, and a messy baseline, this font is perfect for effortlessly making that outrageously bold statement in your design projects.

Freespirit Brush Font consists of two fonts — allowing you to interchange any letters and have flexibility in how you want your design to look.

To add even more punch, you get a Freespirit Brush Extras font, jam packed with matching swashes, and shapes to really give your design that custom made look.

No special software is required to use Freespirit Brush Fonts — even the most basic text editor will load it up and allow you to type with it 🙂

Perfect for Branding, logos, packaging design,poster art, magazines, adverts, greetings and so much more — the list is really endless.


This pack consists of three font files ( Truetype, .ttf) :

  • FreespiritBrush1.ttf
  • FreespiritBrush2.ttf
  • FreespiritBrush_Extras.ttf

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