Шрифт Skinny Jeans — Fashion Handwriting Font

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шрифт Skinny Jeans - Fashion Handwriting Font

Start from the desperation of my own autograph which is pretty bad, i really love to doodle every word in a autograph style writings. I always want to change my autograph into a better one but i can’t because all of the important documents in my life was signed using that autograph, which i really hate 🙁

So i make this font, with implementation of fast-handwriting ballpoint pen and the flexibility of a skinny jeans (that i love to wear so much everyday), thats what Skinny Jeans — Duo Style come out from.

It comes with 2 different style with the same feel and size, so you can easily mix and match both of them as an alternative characters to fulfil the handwriting feel. Perfectly fit for a logo design, fashion branding, wedding, girly things, handcrafted stuff, etc.

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