Halftone Brushes + Bonus Patterns

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Halftone Brushes + Bonus Patterns

Add depth and style to your designs and artwork with these textured Halftone Brushes and repeat patterns!

I’ve supplied two types of brushes:

Scatter Halftone — (The first 6 in the preview) They are great for a messy screen-tone look. By adjusting the settings you can change the size, scatter and rotation or even make them pressure sensitive if you have a graphics tablet…

Line Halftone — Perfect for a neater finish. These are basically pattern brushes but without the corner and end tiles. They distribute the screen-tones evenly along a stroke with minimal distortion.

I’ve also included a pressure sensitive version of the brushes for tablet users that will work with CS5 — CC.

The repeat patterns are all supplied in black but you can adjust the colors using the ‘Recolor artwork’ menu (Edit/Edit Colors/Re-color Artwork).

Here’s a complete list of what’s included:

  • 26 Halftone Brushes
  • A pressure sensitive version of the brushes for use with graphics tablets (for CS5 and above only)
  • 10 Halftone Repeat Patterns
  • Demo file — The bird image. Use this to see how I achieved the look from the preview (CS5 to CC only).
  • Instructions.
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