Inky Goodness

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Inky Goodness

This bundle is chocked full of inky goodness! It started with loud music, a garage, paper and india ink. It ended with a scanning party where all the textures were brought into the world of the digital via 600 dpi! Now this bundle is ready for the wilderness. Load up the Photoshop brushes, bring on the Illustrator brushes, throw in a mess of textures and your next design is ready to be splashed in all kinds of inky goodness!

What’s stuffed into this bundle:

PSD BRUSHES 4 sets (drops, drips, rollers and brush strokes) that total 61 unique brushes. Brush sizes: 459 px (drops) to 2454 px (large stroke)

ILLUSTRATOR BRUSHES 5 scatter brushes and 5 art brushes CS4+.

SCANNED TEXTURES 40 scanned ink textures. Each one scanned at 600 dpi and saved as a flattened tiff file. Included textures: drips, drops, smears, ink rollers, ink blots and ink spiders.

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