Bottled Juice Smoothies Packaging MockUp

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Bottled Juice Smoothies Packaging MockUp


Two PSD mock-ups with 4 bottle types and lots of different possibilities. (See Preview samples). Mock up your Juice Bottle designs – works for smoothies, milk or any liquid packaged in bottles.

Options include:

  • Choose from 4 bottle shapes
  • Choose from three different cap types and easily change the color
  • Customize liquid colors inside bottle
  • Add a sticker label or just display the design on the bottle
  • High Realistic Production / 5400×3600 / 18”x12” / 300 dpi
  • Minimalist background to make your project stand out
  • Option to add a background image or change the background Color
  • Option to add fruits in the background (on 2nd mockup only)
  • Editable smart objects
  • Fully Named & Layered
  • Help guide included | Easy to use
  • Impressive presentation for clients

Цена: 50 руб.

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