Isolated Phone X Mock-up

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Isolated Phone X Mock-up

High resolution photo-realistic Phone X mock-up. Save time and use this mock-up instead of taking pictures. It’s very easy to use.

Have you just finished a great looking user interface (UI) design and you want to see what your new design will look like on a phone? Save time and use our photo-realistic mock-ups instead of taking pictures. You can also create beautiful website banners.

What is a Phone Mock-up?

A phone mock-up is a photo or 3d render of a phone on which screen you can add your new app design or user interface design, using a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to Photoshop and smart objects, you are able to easily place your designs on all of these photographs to see what they will look like on a real phone screen.


  • 4 hands with iPhone X, 1 pointing hand and 2 iPhone X scenes, all in one PSD file
  • All isolated — place on any background, 7 background included
  • Ultra high quality photo-realistic look
  • 300DPI, very high resolution 5616x3744px, suitable for websites, banners, overlays and even high resolution advertising like posters and billboards
  • Use smart object layers to easily change the content of iPhone’s screen to anything you want.
  • Adjust the exposure
  • Help file included

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