Organic Food Photo Mockup / Vegetables Vol.2

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Organic Food Photo Mockup / Vegetables Vol.2

Organic food photo mock-ups / vegetables ** is set of 10 high quality images with added mockups for branding or advertising purposes. This superior retouched psd’s can be used for websites for organic food shops, healthy food restaurants, organic food farms and more. It’s also useful for making print graphic like posters, flayers, editorials etc. and can be used for banners, ads and a lot more because of their high quality — 240dpi.

Very easy to use. Over double-click smart object you can put your design in few minutes. Just drag & drop your design in smart object, save it and that’s it. 🙂

Main features::

  • 10 original PSD files
  • Natural and white paper
  • Changable graphic over smart objects
  • 5 branding mock-ups (A6 mock-up – white, A6 mock-up – natural, bussines card, can, bag (with displacement map))
  • 6 professional photo presets
  • High resolution ~5000×3500px, 240dpi
  • Detailed user guide

Цена: 60 руб.

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