Packaging Pouch Mockup Scenes

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Packaging Pouch Mockup Scenes

Perfectly designed packaging mockup scenes to give your branding designs a real look. Offering a fully customizable packaging pouch with the business card placed beside it. You can also move or hide any of the items from the scene to make new arrangements. Just use smart object option for the replacement of designs and well-named layers for the rest of customizations.


  • 4 PSD mockup scenes
  • Smart objects
  • Organized layers
  • Changeable background
  • Adjustable arrangement
  • Customizable shadows & effects
  • HD quality

Items Included

  • Packaging pouch
  • Polo t-shirt
  • Envelope
  • Card
  • Disposable Cup
  • Takeaway coffee cup
  • Paper bag
  • Business card
  • Stones
  • Paperclip
  • Leaves

Цена: 100 руб

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