T-Shirt Mockup Female Model

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T-Shirt Mockup Female Model

If you have a range of t-shirts for sale, the best way to capture the attention of your customers is with professional and eye-catching product images. We all know this can be a time-consuming exercise, so we’ve made it simple with our easy-to-use mock-ups featuring professional photographs. Display your designs in just a few clicks with our straightforward Photoshop file that allows you to place your imagery and customize everything from the colors and textures to the lighting and shadows. You’ll have created professional product images that reflect your designs and branding in a matter of minutes.

Presentation never looked so perfect.


  • 5 PSD files of t-shirt mockups with model
  • 5 PSD files of t-shirt mockups on hanger
  • Crew neck, v-neck and tank top t-shirt models
  • 5 photo backgrounds + 4 background textures
  • White, black and heather grey t-shirt texture
  • Easy to change t-shirt color
  • Advanced fabric texture overlay
  • Displacement map filter for even more realistic result
  • Illustrated user guide included

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