Grunge Layer Styles

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Grunge Layer Styles

Aging effects that work with just one click!

These styles are perfect for use in retro designs and illustrations. Many of my customers use them for Tee-shirt designs where the design requires an authentic, retro look. Because they are vector effects, they can be scaled without loss of resolution.

The seamless, repeat patterns that are used in the layer styles are also included and can be used independently.

The styles come in eight different variations. Each variation comes in loads of different colors.

How they work

Simply select a piece of text or a vector shape and click on one of the styles from the tab. Scale or adjust the pattern to suit your design. You can change the colors to suit your design by using the EDIT> EDIT COLORS>RECOLOR ARTWORK menu.

Works great with both text and vector shapes.

Also included are 50 grunge patterns with instructions on how to use them to make your own color combinations.

Compatible with Illustrator CS1 — CC


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